Printer Audit Software. Testimonials

"If you are looking for a way to save time and audit your printers more effectively - Printer Audit Software is the tool I would recommend. We have found Printer Audit Software to be a very good investment.

Before using Printer Audit Software, we monitor our printers manually. This was a time consuming process subject to many errors that bored too quickly."

Bobby Cook
R-3 Technical Support
R-3 Int.

"Printer Audit Software is very easy to use. I am familiar with several print auditing systems, which I have used over the years. Once we began using Printer Audit Software it simplified our entire print management system. It is so easy to learn that initially I did not go through any training, but was able to immediately begin using it.

It saves us a great deal of time - we are able to attend more time for other important administrative tasks than we could before. I can't believe APM's speed. Printer Audit Software does the job in a fraction of the time."

Doug Brewer
IT Services
Quality Machine Works

"Our company decided to implement Printer Audit Software to better control our printers' usage and print costs.

Integration with our existing database allows us to prepare reports for all our offices from one location. Printer Audit Software helped us cap our printer usage for personal use as well.

We've found the Printer Audit Software to be very useful for our company as it audits our print cost more accurately!"

Dave Davison
Borgain Inc.

"Thanks for all the excellent work and support, AGG Software. I'll definitely recommend Printer Audit Software to other agencies that are looking for a similar solution for printer auditing!"

Shawn Guida
Office Manager
Link2 Corp

"I would like to congratulate your organisation for such a fantastic product. It is so powerful, yet so simple to install. It all happens exactly as you say it should."

Jeff Luce
IT Support
Drumloop Corp

"The forward thinking Printer Audit Software staff produces cutting edge software tool. After doing extensive research we determined that Printer Audit Software was the best pricing solution for us. It is constantly evolving with numerous enhancements and features each year."

John McKenna
System Administrator

"It's truly the most powerful tool we have... Our daily printers usage (and print cost of course) went down over 15% and it is due to the capabilities of the Printer Audit Software."

Tim Allen
System Administrator
Quantix Group

"I purchased Printer Audit Software software 3 year ago because it was one of the very few that used the Windows platform at that time. AGG Software has been quickly responsive to problems as well as open to suggestions for additional features. I have watched !--#echo var='TITLE' --> grow this time and highly commend Printer Audit Software for a strong product at a most reasonable cost."

Jacob Minns
IT Manager
BRS Consulting

"Just to let you know - we've solved the problem! I wanted to persist with Printer Audit Software because it's such a great piece of software! Very easy to set up and flexible - the problems that took the time! Many thanks."

Shawn Guida
Office Manager
Link2 Corp

"Standardized or customized reports of Printer Audit Software quickly creates accurate reports. The power of being able to print in many formats (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) is extremely useful for all of our customers"

Mark Fraga
Applications Manager
Queenswinter Cotton

"This is one amazing piece of software!

We started using it immediately after installation and have only great things to say about it! Printer Audit Software lives up to it's promise... and then some.

It provides us with everything we need to know to calculate our print cost and control our printers. What a time and money saver!"

Arthur Ford
IT Administrator
Laydon County Communications

"One of the main features of Printer Audit Software is how easy it is to configure and operate. The configuration process is fully menu driven and has complete, context sensitive, on-line help.

Since purchasing this software, we have seen a 10% reduction in our monthly acquisition expenses."

Paul Malan
Information Systems
BTT Manufacturing Inc.

"I have been so pleased with this tool that based on my recommendation, Printer Audit Software is now the standard software tool used by 2 other companies within our group. About 2 years ago I set out to improve our work by installing software capable of meeting our monthly needs. Printer Audit Software helped us achieve this goal."

Chris Martin
Information Technology Supervisor

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