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Useful advices

1. Look through hint helps on all window elements - this will help you to get a picture of this element's function.


2. You can change all program settings without restarting the program. To transfer settings to another computer you can do the following:


1.Create a configuration backup from the "File" menu and restore it using the same menu.
2.Or export the registry node with all program settings. Start regedit.exe and export the following registry node:


on Windows x64

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AGG Software\Accurate Printer Monitor


on Windows x32

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AGG Software\Accurate Printer Monitor


3. On another computer import settings to the Windows registry.


Many main window elements have "hot" keys for quick access to its functions.

Ctrl+S - analogues to click on "Start/Pause" button on toolbar.
Ctrl+C - analogues to click on "Clear" button on toolbar.
Ctrl+P - call options window with configuration settings.
Ctrl+L - call options window with log file settings.
With Ctrl+W hot key You can configure window view.
Ctrl+R - show window with program's restart settings.
Ctrl+E - Windows NT/2000/XP service settings is available here.
Ctrl+M - here you can configure queries, parsers and other modules.


4. You can look at the summary statistic that contains summary about sent and received data, created files etc (View - Statistics)


5. You can save program settings to an INI file. It may help to install and use several copies of the program. You can make your choice from the "Options" menu.


6. The program window can display only last 10 message. The full program log file (if activated) you can open using the "File - View program protocol file" menu item.

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