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Log file access

During work can be such situations, when it is necessary to get access to a file with current data (current log file) from other applications (for example, for data processing). But while you are accessing the current log file Accurate Printer Monitor can't write data to a log file and all data at this moment will be lost. We recommend to use a temporary file for data storage. It is most safe way. (fig. 4.2.1).


options access

Fig. 4.2.1 File access mode.


You can select one from following variants:


Ignore and not write - with this mode, the data will be lost;
Write to a temporary file, then append - a temporary file will be created, to which writing will be done. After access to current file will be got, temporary file content will be added to the end of main file. But mind that if file is created in dependence of time, there can be a situation when at temporary file forming name of the main file will be changed. Then temporary file will be added to the end of newly created file.
Display a message and stop work - data will be lost until dialog window is closed.


You can set up your message text, which will be displayed at writing error to data file. The sound signal can be on for an additional indication. You can also enable writing a message to a protocol file.

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