Window view

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Window view


Fig.19 Window view settings


You can specify the following settings on the "Window view" tab (fig.19):


Minimize at startup – once launched, the main window of Accurate Printer Monitor is automatically minimized into the taskbar or into the icon that is located next to the clock depending on other options;

Minimize to the tray (next to the clock) – the main window of Accurate Printer Monitor will be automatically minimized and the icon will be automatically located next to the clock on the taskbar;

Stay on top – the program will always stay on top of other windows on the desktop;

Grids – this group of options allows you to customize the view of tables with data (type, background, font color);

Transparency – you can customize the transparency of the main window in Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The leftmost position is the normal window view, the rightmost position is the maximal transparency.