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Printer Audit Software

The typical office setting would have a large number of computers all connected to a main server, and all of the users of these computers would have access to a vast number of resources as well. This means that as long as you are connected to the network, you have access to a number of tools and equipment, even printers. This is precisely why companies need to adopt a particular printing strategy so as to avoid turmoil and to foster maintenance and control of the resources being used. The best solution to this pressing problem is the installation of printer auditing software.

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Our printer audit software points out the personnel using the printers most often and audit printing activities inside the workplace. Now, this goes without saying that there are employees who are just a little bit abusive when it comes to using office equipment and when it comes to printing. Our print auditing software does the rest!

How will it save your company money?

The printer audit software is a simple solution that pays for itself over and over again by allowing your company to:
  • Eliminate unauthorized usages
  • Monitor print jobs
  • Precisely reports employee printers usage
  • Automate printers monitoring and accounting
  • Reports to the System Administrator about problems with printers
  • Prevent printing of private documents
  • Expel printer usage for personal use

"If you are looking for a way to save time and audit your printers more effectively - Printer Audit Software is the tool I would recommend. We have found Printer Audit Software to be a very good investment.

Before using Printer Audit Software, we monitor our printers manually. This was a time consuming process subject to many errors that bored too quickly."

Bobby Cook
R-3 Technical Support
R-3 Int.

Our printer audit software keeps records of all printing jobs as well as the employee who printed them respectively. These reports are then stored inside a built-in database that you can easy access to control opprobrious users. The program stored all details about printer tasks, therefore you can get precise reports, which can take into account paper size and print quality!

Is this printer auditing software can be used in big and medium organizations?

Quite yes! Our printer auditing software can be used together with a centralized company database instead of the built-it one and acquire data from several local or remote printers at the same time!

Unlike other printing audit software on the market, printer auditing tool uses robust, functional and scalable architecture with multiple plug-ins, which you may fully configure to your needs. Different from the rest? You bet. Unlike other utilities our printer auditing software provides rich set of reports, which you can extend with user-defined reports!

Is the printer auditing software cost effective?

Yes. Printers audit with help of specialized software usually pays for itself within 3 month. It completely expels the time required by the IT Administrator to audit the printing activity in the big, middle or small company. It significantly decreases monthly print cost up to 15%, because allows you to expel printer usage for personal use and pre-plan print cost for the next month! The savings can be very real.

"Printer Audit Software is very easy to use. I am familiar with several print auditing systems, which I have used over the years. Once we began using Printer Audit Software it simplified our entire print management system. It is so easy to learn that initially I did not go through any training, but was able to immediately begin using it.

It saves us a great deal of time - we are able to attend more time for other important administrative tasks than we could before. I can't believe APM's speed. Printer Audit Software does the job in a fraction of the time."

Doug Brewer
IT Services
Quality Machine Works

What's new in Version 4

  • Windows Server 2008 - our print auditing software can work on all versions of Windows Server 2008
  • PrinerMonitor Service Mode - the print auditing software functions as a Windows Service
  • HTTP Server - administrators and employees can view reports and statistics from remote computers
  • User Management - Allows grant access to reports and statistics from remote computers for authorized personnel only
  • Customizable Reports - Allows creating and exporting reports to Excel, PDF or CSV formats
  • Scheduled Reports - Added new capability to send specified reports at the specified time administrators
  • Plus More...

The Printing Audit Software Features

  • Can control local, remote or network printers
  • You can calculate printing cost for paper size, print quality, user or domain
  • Table and graphics reports
  • Can work with most popular databases
  • Customized user-defined reports
  • Can monitor several printers at the same time
  • Multi-devices support
  • The printer monitor can transmit scheduled reports to administrators
  • Real-time optimized monitoring
  • Supports color and monochrome printers
  • Can transmit notice via email and several other methods;
  • Built-in web server

"Thanks for all the excellent work and support, AGG Software. I'll definitely recommend Printer Audit Software to other agencies that are looking for a similar solution for printer auditing!"

Shawn Guida
Office Manager
Link2 Corp

The Printing Audit Software Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

  • Real-time print auditing - you don't need wait hours and days to retrieve printer audit reports
  • Real-time notifications about printer events and errors
  • One central database supports multiple installations

Detects Printing of Private Documents

  • Decreases security leaks
  • Increases level of security

Helps Office Managers Control Printers

  • Notifies when a paper or cartridge has run out
  • Sends notifications about printer problems (paper out)
  • Archives historical data to analyze replacement life, print costs and their trends

Reduces Print Cost

  • Expels printer usage for personal use
  • Allows purchase precise quantity of inventories and plan print cost for the next periods
  • Control, monitor and notify about most abusive users
  • Centralized processing reduces IT and accounting personnel involvement

"Our company decided to implement Printer Audit Software to better control our printers' usage and print costs.

Integration with our existing database allows us to prepare reports for all our offices from one location. Printer Audit Software helped us cap our printer usage for personal use as well.

We've found the Printer Audit Software to be very useful for our company as it audits our print cost more accurately!"

Dave Davison
Borgain Inc.

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